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Minutes of Meeting
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Annual General Meeting

Jakarta Bengali Association

Date/Venue: July 28, 2013; Namaste Hindustan, Jakarta



Minutes of the meeting (in sequence of the proceedings)


1.       The meeting commenced with the President, Shri Sovan Ganguly  making his opening remarks welcoming all the members with a vote of thanks for all the support and cooperation to JABA for the year 12-13


2.       The General Secretary, Shri Jaideep Bhattacharjee shared a slide presentation with the memorable images of all events of JABA for the year 12-13


3.       The President, Shri Sovan Ganguly presented the findings of the JABA online survey to share the Members feedback and suggestions regarding all the JABA events including religious festivities of Durga Puja, Lakshmi & Saraswati puja, charity work, cultural programs, picnic, film festival etc. Feedback was also sought on the effectiveness of the communication channels used to communicate with members (emails, website and Facebook). A separate feedback was sought on the Membership fee and its necessary increase going forward. The President highlighted that it was critical for members to directly address their concerns in order to make further improvements to all future JABA events.


Some of the feedback/suggestion directly shared by members at the venue is as follows:

·         The operating calendar year of JABA should ideally be Jan-Dec that would ensure enough time for the new Exco team to settle in and prepare for the Durga Puja, the most important event of the annual calendar. The counter argument shared on this was that Jan-Dec calendar would put pressure and leave little time for the members to rehearse and perform well for ‘Pochise Baisakh’ celebrations, the biggest event of the year where member performances were the most critical part of the show. Outgoing General Secretary Shri Jaideep Bhattacharjee also pointed out that the main fund collection happens around Durga Puja where maximum members turn up to attend the event and this provides a clear roadmap for fund allocations of other JABA events for the rest of the year.

·         The cultural performance of the members should be focused around a theme and number of performances should be selected/limited accordingly to the theme.

·         All cultural performances should be planned well in advance and sufficient time should be given to members for rehearsals to ensure best performance with superior production outputs.


4.       The Vice President, Shri Suddhasatta Basu introduced the new families/individual members who have arrived recently in Jakarta. Each individual/family was requested to speak a few words about themselves, their family, professional background and their personal hobbies beyond work.


5.       The Treasurer, Shri Sandip Roy presented the Statement of Accounts for 12-13. Highlight for the year was a 30% growth in total income with 33% growth in membership fees and 150% growth in overall donations. Around 355 Rp Juta of total income was generated with a total expenditure of around Rp 300 Juta for the whole year.


6.       The Exco asked for a show of hands from the members present to vote for increase in membership fees to Rp 2 juta per family and Rp 1.5 Juta for single /bachelor members. 75% of the audience voted for the increase of the membership fees to the desired amount.


7.       The new office bearers* of JABA for the year 2013-14  selected, nominated and finalized by all the members is as follows

·         Shri Arijit Chatterjee - President

·         Shri Samir Chowdhury – Vice President

·         Shri Ranabir Sen – General Secretary

·         Shri Anirudya Mitra – Treasurer

·         Shri Sandip Roy – Coordinator

* Detailed List including the subcommittees in the following page


8.       Overall very positive response received from all the members in terms of spontaneous comments and suggestions to all members of the Exco team for putting up a wonderful year for JABA. Joydeep Mazumder, Amit Bose, Rini Bose congratulated the hard work, dedication and commitment of all the members who participated in various activities throughout the year.


9.       The AGM was concluded with a sumptuous lunch for all members at the venue








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